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Hi There

Welcome to my HRC trading site. My name is Teri Edmonds & Im from New Zealand. I am 37years old. Here is a photo of me with my 2 grandchildren. Jordan Te Timatanga Hou & Phoenix Lee.
My "home cafe" is Queenstown. HRC Queenstown opened on May 28 2001.
I started collecting pins, Xmas '02, kinda by accident. Whilst trying to find PH shot glasses, I was beseeched with requests for HRC Queenstown pins & shots. Once I saw all the different pins & series etc.. I was immediately hooked. I collected the entire '02 hurricane series first but then had to sell due to bills! :-(
Alas, there are only 1 or 2 collectors in NZ so I have traded with many great collectors from around the world. Please check out my "Great Traders" links page!
I have only been to HRC Queenstown once! I live in a small city called Wanganui(pop.50,000), which is a 10hr drive + 2hr ferry ride, from Queenstown!I have not been to any other HRC yet!
I come from a poor but hard-working background & work as a Top-Grade knife handler at a meat processing company. My teenage kids have flown the coop so I hope to have an opportunity to fly overseas for the first time in my life this year! I may go to Australia first & visit Melbourne, Sydney & Surfers Paradise HRC's!
I have long since sold all my PH shots except a few. I can purchase any item from the cafe, but BEWARE, the pins are the most expensive in the world! 

These are the sets I have or am trying to finish at the moment. I have scans of my collections for your veiwing.
Id also like to give Thanks to my cousin, Graeme Tutaki, for the use of his scanner & knowledge in getting these scans posted.
Following are my Wishlist & Traderlist. Feel free to contact me if interested in anything. I may purchase pins also. I can purchase anything from HRC Queenstown in exchange for pins I need. I also regularly order from Melbourne & Sydney cafes.

Paris Abstract series
Birmingham Xmas Train series
Queenstown 3rd Anny
Queenstown GO guitar
Queenstown 2003 Guitar Pick series
New Orleans abstract
New York abstract
Maui abstract abstract
Online Dragon guitar
Indy GOR #1
Kuala Lumpur Cafe Building
Hong Kong Shotglass pin
HK Peak Shotglass Pin

HURRICANE SERIES: Belfast, Dallas, Edinburgh, Gatlinburgh, Online Microphone, San Antonio, San Francisco, Toronto.
I also have several shot glasses for trade as well. I dont collect them but will trade for HRC pins.
PLANET HOLLYWOOD 3.5in Blue Globe Shots

Please contact me to trade/sell.

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